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Here, Now

by Fifteen Rockets

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Someday I won't hate this, Someday I won't be scared, aimless, and empty, and waiting to disappear. Well, is it worth the wait? Is there another way? Hold on for something better to find you're better off just letting go. Reach for a piece of heaven, to find you're reaching through a darker hole. Some will remember, the others will all forget The face in the crowd watching over the day we met. As we turn away, the smiles we know will fade. Now we lie awake faced with another day.
Come away with me, we can start again. Leave it all behind, reincarnated Another lesson in the art of sacrifice This game’s not hard to win if you know who’s playing nice I fear we’ve fallen backwards I’m calling out I’ve been here, I’ve seen this I fear the words you believe in I’ve been here, I’ve seen this I fear the worst Maybe make-believe makes it feel alright New reality, newer place to hide I never ask for much or beg for anything A little human touch just might solve everything. It’s been too long I’ve finally seen the world I can’t stay long They’ll kick me to the dirt.
Small Talk 04:29
Smiles disappear in the small talk while eyes find a way through an old disguise. Little lies, subtle cheats In a game so out of reach Killing time for beliefs that keep you walking blind and chained from an open mind — Sized and weighed against your own kind. Little lies, subtle cheats In a game so out of reach Killing time for beliefs that keep you asking Why? We’re drowning in your tide. Why? Your sun will burn our eyes. Lines; never crossed. Never paint outside. Signed and sealed by the most divine. Little lies, subtle cheats in a game so out of reach Killing time for beliefs that keep you asking Why? We’re drowning in your tide. Why? Your sun will burn our eyes. A little life with a little love is all that you get. It fades away for the lucky ones who one day forget.
I wanna know that we make it I wanna know that we get out alive But this world is sinking and I can see that old look in your eyes Staring at the horizon Watch the sun as it falls from the sky Watch the fire from the rooftop Wipe a tear as the smoke hits your eye I don't wanna know, now that I know All alone and searching for reason Fly in a bottle, escape within reach In another life, in another world, through another set of eyes I believed it Now I believe that it can fall. I wanna know we can break it I wanna know we can knock it all down Start anew, start a fire in the hearts beating deep underground And our voices will carry tonight Through a storm filled with poison and lies While the rest of them curl up and die inside Now whatcha gonna do with that hope? I don't wanna know all that I know Don't turn your head, don't let me walk away.
Old Friend 03:50
I don’t know you anymore, old friend let’s pretend things haven’t changed. Lost in the seams of love and war, old friend I remember all the names. I see their faces in my dreams, old friend haunting me for every sin. Their voices keep me company, old friend echoes screaming from within. I held on too tightly Now it’s gone and I should’ve known better I let go too lightly Now they’re gone it’ll never get better Withdrawn and drowning in the years, old friend ghosts of another dying age I smile for every happy year, old friend we lost but memory saved
Surprise, surprise we were ready to die but the fall didn’t kill us, we’ll make it today. The sun’ll rise through a stormy sky to remind the whole world that there’s light in the grey. Tonight, tonight we all stand on a line with our eyes to the flood and our backs to the blaze. Stand aside, ain’t your time to die. No the fall didn’t kill us today. What scares you don’t scare me Fuck all your fantasies. I can’t be the one to cart ‘em around Inside, inside we are flickering lights. We are flashes and shadows – the peace and the pain. The more we hide behind the fear it slides through our pores and it poisons the red in our veins. Its getting darker now, spit all that venom out and fake a smile as you dance in the rain. The light is leaning out, pull at the edges and wait for it all to escape. Bow to the storm, the tidal wave will wash out everything you hate. Bow to the storm, the tide will wash it all away.


released January 15, 2021

All songs by Fifteen Rockets
Recorded and mixed by Nick Ginn
Mastered by Travis Stoddart


all rights reserved



Fifteen Rockets Hamilton, Ontario

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