Set Fire

by Fifteen Rockets

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released June 15, 2018

All songs by Fifteen Rockets
Recorded and mixed by Nick Ginn
Mastered by Stuart McKillop


all rights reserved



Fifteen Rockets Burlington, Ontario

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Track Name: Rise and Shine
Deafened by explosions on TV,
everybody's got a gun because they're free.
Blinded by a fake celebrity
smiling from beneath the glow of tiny screens.

We are fed, we are fattened.
We are raised not to rise.
Now we see how it happens.
Rise and shine.
We are weak, we are saddened:
The united untied.
Now we ask "How could this happen?"
Rise and shine.

Silenced by a fear of a belief.
Caught up in the hate and insecurity.
Borders drawn in blood of enemies
pooling into patriotic anarchy.

I blame myself for a lot, but now it's on you.
Line 'em up, take a shot.
It's all we can do.
Track Name: Last Time
Why bother?
You'll break me either way
Build me up in jaded disarray
I've got a feeling it'll be a long time
before I trust again
I've got a feeling it'll be the last time
you catch me buying in

One more for the road
Watch as I float
One more time
One last time

Why bother
wishing it away?
Racing through
every wasted day
I doubt I'll ever see the morning light
before it starts to dim
I doubt I'll ever make it out alive
I'll die for settling

Where is the art is assembled parts?
Take it away and tear it apart
Track Name: The Road
don't look back, the way is lost
the road is cracked,
through the dark you'll never find it again
familiar days filter through
time and space
from the other side I'm nothing like you

you were all those years ago
you've got a funny way of showing that you love me
you've got a funny way of showing that you need me

caught between love and hate
lingering in the greyest light,
I see you smile
but I can't walk
no, I can't run
I won't forget the promises you broke when we were still young

young at heart, we fell apart
you've got a funny way of showing that you love me
you've got a funny way of showing that you need me

apologies don't mean a thing
when all of these excuses bring apologies

even after all these years
you've got a funny way of showing that you love me
you've got a funny way of showing that you need me

even a rock can roll into quicksand
it took us years, but now we can all stand.
Track Name: Set Fire
sick old giant, your tired eyes have seen it all
alone and quiet, no one around will hear your call
kingdoms crumble, empires fall
and we all lay in the rubble,
caked in ash of dying days

set fire to the sea
set fire to the city

sick old giant, your beaten heart is bleeding out
ring by ring, you're rotting from the inside out

I look forward to summertime, but I don't even know why
this winter's been harsher than ever before
and I'd kill for a reason to escape into seasons
and let days melt away through the cracks in the floor

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